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Introducing Single Origin Chocolate!

    Not unlike wine, mezcal, or coffee, chocolate tastes different depending on where it’s grown. The word terroir, used primarily in the world of wine, refers to the environment in which a crop is grown. Natural factors like soil, climate, harvest season and topography ultimately dictate the way a bottle of wine will taste. Of course, human impact, such as […]

Chocolatl Remedies Get a Powerful Boost

Chocolatl began with Deanna’s passion for ecological sustainability and holistic health. Originally highlighting the ancient traditions of plant-based medicine in cacao drinks, we’ve since expanded to offer lines of medicinal raw chocolate, unique grab & go chocolate bars, sauces and energizing puffed quinoa snacks. Packaging Recently, we decided to change a few things in our 2.5 oz remedies […]

Adventures in Wild and Local Chocolate

Get yours here 🙂   Bay Nuts, Local Organic Goji’s, Elderberries The FLOW in FLOW Foods stands for Fair, Local, Organic and Wild.  We’ve been making chocolate for several years now. We use the best and purest Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, and the highest quality, most potent superfoods from around the world, like Maca Root and Reishi […]

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