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Adventures in Wild and Local Chocolate

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  Bay Nuts, Local Organic Goji’s, Elderberries

The FLOW in FLOW Foods stands for Fair, Local, Organic and Wild

We’ve been making chocolate for several years now. We use the best and purest Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, and the highest quality, most potent superfoods from around the world, like Maca Root and Reishi Mushrooms. 

Today, I’m reconnecting with the Local and Wild aspect of FLOW Foods by combining some interesting locally harvested and wild foods with our chocolate. I’ve crafted some special blends that go beyond the edges of our normal chocolate by foraging a little closer to home.

We made a small batch of chocolates that are blended with Local and Wild superfoods:

Elderberries, Bay Nuts, Passionfruit and Goji Berries. (Find them here)


We made an extra special blend of 50/50 Raw and Roasted chocolate, stone-ground with cane juice crystals as the base for these California Native Chocolates. We made a micro-batch, Get them here

Bay Nut and Elderberry. What are Bay Nuts? Bay nuts come from the California Bay Laurel Tree, and after proper harvesting, processing, and roasting, they make a unique nut that contains lauric acid and stimulant properties similar to coffee.

This past Spring I was at Acorn Gathering in Santa Barbara (practicing primitive arts and skills). I had the honor of re-connecting with an amazing teacher of mine, Tamara Wilder, who first taught me fire by hand drill at OAEC back in 2002. I scored some bay nuts from her, she and talked me through the  roasting process, which took me a couple of tries, but they came out perfect. (I would have made a bigger batch, but I ate half my cache)

I was also able to get some blue elderberries, which come from the Blue Elder Tree, a widely known and used folk remedy for colds and flu’s, and have a high antioxidant level. You can find out more here and here.

Goji and Chili. My family and I harvested Organic Goji Berries from Wild Willow Farms in San Diego a couple of months back. We combined these with some spicy chilis and coconut sugar to make a delicious local blend of a tasty caramel-like spicy goji. Here’s a video of our ‘fair trade’ goji-pickers.

Passionfruit. Passion fruit is GOING OFF here in San Diego. When I lived in Hawaii, I would overdose on what we called Lilikoi there, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Passionfruit is delicious, prolific, easy to grow, and an amazing superfood! They are high in vitamin C, minerals and fiber. They’re tangy and sweet, and the seeds are crunchy and super. Mmm, delicious.



Tangy, crunchy, passion. What more can I say? Get them here.
In addition to creating interesting chocolate, we want to keep the knowledge of native plants and Wild Food alive. The more love and connection that we can cultivate with the natural world and our wild ecosystems, the more we will protect what we love. So, naturally, all sales of this Limited Edition Chocolate will go to teaching kids and adults about nature and wild food from our local nature connection school, Earthroots.

If you want a pack or two, get them here.


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